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Hypnosis for Eating Disorders at Kuiper Hypnosis

Abnormal eating habits and an emotional bond with food is known as an eating disorder or disordered eating. Two of the more well known clinical terms of eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. Such unusual eating habits are often attached to several other emotional and mental health issues such as depression, low self-confidence, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Eating disorders affect not only our body weight but also the internal organs such as heart and liver. If left unchecked they can have devastating effects on our body.


What Causes Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders can have several causes that include a family history of eating disorders or depression, criticisms on weight or eating habits, the pressure to stay slim, obsessive personality, relationship issues with friends or family, work or any other stress and upsetting events like abuse or death of someone close.

Some of the symptoms of an eating disorder include quick eating,  continuous eating even when full, eating when not hungry, eating  secretly, feeling guilt for overeating, and feeling compelled to eat  often. Fortunately, people suffering from eating disorders can be  treated with the help of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

Hypnotherapy helps the clients enter into a deeply relaxed state of mind. A relaxed mind is more susceptible to suggestions.  Hypnotherapy for eating disorders aims to change your thoughts and habits concerning food and how you view yourself through powerful suggestions. Two of the most common eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. In the case of anorexia, I would attempt to impart positive thoughts to change the negative way you view your body. For bulimia, I would try to help you detach yourself from the damaging impulses that motivate you to binge eat and regret later. In short, hypnotherapy can help you make changes in your thought process as far as eating habits are concerned.

Hypnosis for Eating Disorders at Kuiper Hypnosis

At Kuiper Hypnosis, I believe that abnormal eating habits depend upon our thought process and thinking pattern about food and our self-image. I aim to change your negative thinking pattern with the help of positive suggestions. The subconscious mind has the best capability to accept thoughts and suggestions, and hypnotherapy is all about accessing the subconscious mind. I speak to my clients about their eating disorder which includes their eating pattern, how often they crave for food, particularly at what time their mind triggers binge eating and likewise. All these queries and discussions help me find out the real cause of their abnormal eating habits.

After analyzing everything thoroughly, I will design a specific session for hypnosis for binge eating. Then I relax their conscious mind using hypnotic techniques. Once their mind gets completely relaxed, I use the power of positive hypnotic suggestions and target their subconscious mind, which is the most powerful part of our brains. The intent of these suggestions is to promote an overall change in their mindset, which includes a proper eating pattern and motivation for physical exercises regularly.

The process of hypnosis for eating disorders helps in making my clients a new confident person with a positive attitude towards their goal as well as changes their mindset towards food.

Usually, after the first session, my clients feel motivated and determined towards their goal to avoid binge eating. Subsequent sessions are required to reeducate the brain to make healthy eating choices and to reinforce the positive feelings associated with healthy eating patterns.

If you want to get rid of your abnormal eating pattern and you are looking for a certified hypnotherapist in or around Montreal, then contact me at (514) 500-0345 or email me at

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