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Hypnosis for Chronic Pain at Kuiper Hypnosis

Pain signifies that there is something that needs attention. Usually, people take pain casually and leave it as it is, but that may not the right way to treat pain. It should be taken seriously as it may lead to serious health issues in the future when left untreated, specifically the chronic pains such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Most of the time, we seek medication and various other ways to treat pain but sometimes it’s in vain. Are you also tired of those pain relief medicines, injections, and surgeries and looking for a viable and safe method to reduce your pain effectively?  If you are dealing with chronic pain and you are looking for a safe and natural way to cope or lesson the pain, then hypnotherapy may be the answer for you.

Hypnosis For Chronic Pain

Hypnosis for Pain Relief

Hypnosis for pain relief can be an effective way to reduce or even eliminate pain responses. When a person is under hypnosis, the conscious part of his mind gets temporarily distracted and focuses more on relaxation. The subconscious part becomes powerful and focused and willing to accept positive suggestions offered by a therapist.

How does Hypnosis for pain management work?

Hypnosis for pain management aims to help a person manage his/her pain efficiently with a relaxed conscious mind and active subconscious mind. During hypnosis, the acceptance power of mind increases, which makes it easier for a person to accept all the valuable suggestions that help in fighting pain efficiently. I’m Gregory

Kuiper, an NGH certified hypnotherapist make use of hypnosis for pain control at Kuiper Hypnosis, to help my clients  reduce the grip over their pain responses. Hypnosis is safe way for managing and controlling stress which can increase pain responses.

I usually begin by talking to my clients about their pain history i.e., the cause of pain, whether it is acute or chronic, If chronic  then how long it has been hampering their lives, how the pain started and likewise. All this information helps me to design specific treatment sessions.

During the hypnosis for chronic pain sessions, I will work with your unconscious mind to alter your physical and emotional reactions to chronic pain. Then we will work together and try to change the pain responses or sensations into something soothing or try to shift your attention away from the pain. Hypnosis for pain management can only be successful when there is support from the client during the session. Many times various underlying dynamics, unresolved feelings or motivations influence pain, and with hypnosis, these underlying issues can be resolved to a great extent.


Several clinical trials have revealed that hypnosis for pain relief is an effective way to reduce chronic pain, although consequences vary between individuals. Some of the conclusions from these clinical trials have also shown that hypnotic treatments have several other positive effects on the person beyond pain control. The hypnosis for chronic pain sessions I offer are natural, a safe and comfortable process to get rid of the pain haunting you for so long.

Is Hypnosis for pain control Right for You?

Hypnosis is a natural and safe process. Some people have a better response to hypnosis than others. Many clients find they can reduce or eliminate their pain through hypnosis, often beginning as soon as their first session is completed. The number of sessions varies because each person responds differently to hypnosis. For more details call at (514) 500-0345 or email me at You can also make an appointment and visit Kuiper Hypnosis.

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