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Hypnosis for Stress at Kuiper Hypnosis

Stress is experienced by all of us especially when we are under too much pressure and find it difficult to cope. Stress can be due to work pressure, relationship problems, family tensions and various other causes. However, feeling stressed for a longer period of time can hamper our mental as well as physical health. Although we cannot always have control over the stressful events that happen, we can control our response towards the situation. This is what we can achieve through hypnosis.

If we get into the detailed scientific reasons behind stress then the culprit is our brain that induces hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which make our heart beat faster than usual, quicken our breath and cause muscle tension. In these situations we can either fight back or elope from the threat. Some of the common symptoms of stress include anxiousness, irritation, anger, low self-esteem, overwhelming, difficulty in making decisions, and problems in focusing and constant worry. If these symptoms are left unchecked it can lead to depression and anxiety. Besides these mental and emotional symptoms there are physical symptoms as well such as headaches, dizziness, problematic sleeping pattern, fatigue and change in appetite.

Fortunately, there is a natural and safe way that can help in fighting stress efficiently and that is stress relief hypnosis.

Hypnosis For Stress

Stress Relief Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a therapeutic process that aims to interrupt and break the negative thought patterns and responses to stress. With the help of stress hypnosis you can transform your responses into positive and healthy ones. And the therapy helps you achieve this change by working with your subconscious mind that works automatically and without your realization.

Relaxation Hypnotherapy at Kuiper Hypnosis

Relaxation is the key to many problems.  A relaxed mind is more powerful than an anxious mind. I’m Gregory Kuiper, an NGH certified hypnotherapist at Kuiper Hypnosis, and I understand the significance of relaxation in keeping mental and physical health sound. My relaxation hypnotherapy sessions involve various hypnotic suggestions and techniques that help in achieving a calm and deeply relaxed state of mind.

During the session, I try to understand all the aspects of the stress that my client is facing which helps me to design  stress relief hypnosis sessions that targets the main causes of their stress.

During the hypnosis for stress session I will use hypnotic techniques to calm their mind so that the conscious mind attains a deep relaxed state. After which I will guide their minds away from negative thoughts and worries into a place of tranquility and reconciliation. Then I will offer therapeutic suggestions that will encourage ongoing changes in their attitude and behavior.

How Relaxation Hypnotherapy Helps?


The entire therapy is comfortable, natural and safe. With the help of relaxation hypnotherapy session I will attempt to heal your mind and body. Many clients will notice improvement after their first session. However the number of sessions will depend upon the level of stress you are dealing with and how you respond to hypnosis.

If you want to combat stress in a natural and safe way and you are looking for a reliable and certified hypnotherapist in Montreal, then you can consult with me over the phone at (514) 500-0345 or email me at

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