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Hypnosis for Relaxation at Kuiper Hypnosis

“Stress” has become a familiar word in everyone’s life dictionary today. We all get stressed every now and then, however, the reasons might be different. Stress can be due to work pressure, relationship issues, social intimidation, or other reasons. Whatever may be the reason this six-letter word is quite dangerous if not checked.

Stress is something that attracts negativity, and we surround ourselves with negative thoughts and worries. Several symptoms of stress are there that include mood swings, low self-esteem, aches and pains, difficulty in concentrating, sleeping disorder, and so on. If left untreated, it can lead to depression as well.

Fortunately, there is a safe and effective way to deal with stress that can help you relax and let go all your worries easily without any pain, and that is stress hypnosis.

Hypnosis For Relaxation

Stress Relief Hypnosis

Stress relief hypnosis is a natural process that makes your mind relaxed and releases worries and pains through guided suggestions and imagery. The process has no side-effects. It is also known as relaxation hypnotherapy as the process creates a state of deep relaxation. Stress hypnosis is one of the most soothing methods as it calms down your wandering mind and helps it to get rid of the stress stored within.

How does relaxation hypnotherapy work?

Usually, when we are in any anxiety situation, our mind oozes out stress responses that ultimately affect our body adversely. Relaxation hypnotherapy aims to calm those responses in a natural guided way. It is believed that during hypnosis, our minds start focusing more and accepts more suggestions readily. I’m Gregory Kuiper, an NGH certified hypnotherapist in Montreal, at Kuiper Hypnosis we make use of the relaxation hypnotherapy to help you fight and get rid of stress effectively and safely. My stress hypnosis session begins with a thorough discussion with my clients, where I try to understand the root cause of their stress. This helps me in concluding whether it is work-related or family-related or relationship issue or something else that bothers my client deeply. After analyzing the entire scenario, I will design treatment sessions accordingly.

During a session, I will explain to you the influence that your unconscious mind puts on your daily life behavior. After which, I will divert and relax your conscious mind. Then I will gently guide your subconscious mind (which is the most powerful part of the human mind that captures things easily) away from thoughts and troubles into a place of tranquility and peace. Then I will offer therapeutic suggestions that will help in encouraging the ongoing changes in attitude and behavior. I assure you that you will be relaxed, rejuvenated, and happier than before.

I may also teach you self-hypnosis so that you can cope with stress in the future efficiently. Relaxation hypnotherapy aims to help you get rid of all kinds of stresses and attain a deep level of relaxation. My stress relief hypnosis at Kuiper Hypnosis is a comfortable, safe, and a profoundly liberating therapy that benefits your mind as well as physical health.

How will you feel after a Relaxation Hypnosis session?

Many clients will notice improvement after their first sessions. Subsequent sessions will reinforce the work and provide lasting benefit. The number of sessions for stress relief hypnosis required is completely dependent upon the underlying causes behind the person’s stress and the depth.

​For further information kindly contact me on (514) 500-0345 or email me at You can also make an appointment and visit Kuiper Hypnosis.

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