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Hypnosis to Stop Stammering at Kuiper Hypnosis

Stammering or stuttering is a speech-related problem where a person has difficulty with some of the elements of their speech, which affects their speech fluency. For instance, the person may repeat syllables or sounds such as t-t-t-t-talk instead of talk. Sometimes a person may be unable to get the word out at all.

There are two types of stuttering mainly, and that is developmental stammering and acquired stammering. Developmental stammering is the most common type that happens during the developmental phase of language skills in early childhood. Acquired stammering is rare as it happens to people during adulthood as a result of any progressive neurological condition after a head injury or stroke. It can also be the result of trauma or a certain type of medication.

Hypnosis To Stop Stammering

What Causes Stammering?

Improper coordination between some parts of the developing system often causes any problem related to speech. Eventually, the problem leads to repetition or stopping of words, sounds, or syllables. These problems exaggerate when the person gets over-excited or under pressure. Usually, I have seen that when children grow up, their speech system becomes more lucid, and they grow out of their stutter. However, for a few children, it doesn’t happen, and they keep on struggling with stammering.

Whatever might be the case whether it is developmental or acquired stammering, we can attempt to improve the situation with hypnosis. Hypnosis for stuttering is an effective and natural way to treat stuttering problems without any medication or complicated practice.

​Hypnosis to Stop Stammering

Stammering makes life stressful in both social as well as work situations as it holds you back from speaking fluently hence shaking your confidence. Hypnosis is a therapy that helps a person to get relaxed completely and works with a relaxed state of mind. A relaxed mind can reciprocate better than an active mind. So in the process of hypnosis to stop stammering, I will make sure to take my clients into a trance state where I will be able to offer valuable and positive suggestions that will eliminate the negative thinking pattern, helping to make them more confident and positive. Usually, people misunderstand stammering as a physical disorder, whereas it is a psychological problem which can be cured with proper care and psychological therapies like hypnosis.

Hypnosis to Stop Stuttering at Kuiper Hypnosis

Being a certified hypnotist, I understand that stutters can be caused either due to physical or emotional trauma or because of extreme pressure such as bullying and criticisms. Such instances make the person stressed and anxious, and here I can help them out with hypnosis.

I begin my hypnosis to stop stuttering session with analytical hypnotherapy where I try to explore when my client first started stuttering and analyze what happened and why it triggered their stutter.  After analyzing the issue thoroughly, I plan and design a specific sessions for my clients.

During the session, I use techniques to calm their mind down and take them to a trance state. Once their conscious mind gets deeply relaxed, I work with the subconscious mind and use hypnotic suggestions and techniques to help them alter their beliefs regarding the situation and soothe their reactions to the memory.

Many times I have observed that my clients struggle with stress, anxiety, and low self-confidence due to stuttering, especially during public speaking or social settings. For such cases, I use hypnotherapy to develop strategies that help them cope better with such triggers.

Some clients are able to benefit from their first visit. Most clients will need subsequent sessions to ensure they have lasting success. The number of sessions varies from person to person. To find out more about my hypnosis for stuttering sessions consult with me at (514) 500-0345 or email me at

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