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Hypnosis for Sports Performance at Kuiper Hypnosis

We all know that physical strength is extremely essential for enhancing sports performance specifically for athletes. However, the power of mental ability is equally important for an enhanced sports performance. Mental focus, concentration and visualization are the three crucial keys for achieving success in any endeavor, especially in sports. When a mental training is included along with physical sports specific trainings one can attain an increased level of confidence, consistency and capability. To attain such a level of confidence, concentration and focus, one method is clinical hypnosis for sports performance. Hypnosis is a therapeutic way to enhance the natural ability of the professional sports persons during practice as well as competition.

Hypnosis For Sports Performance

Sports Hypnosis

Sports hypnosis plays a vital role in the hypnotherapy process carried out by certified therapists. The sports hypnosis helps the therapists in addressing the psychological components that affect the mental stability of any sportsperson prior to their performances. The components can be the fear of failure, pressure of winning, external emotional factors such as money issues or relationship problems, coping with distractions, recovering after mishaps or faults and many more.

Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Hypnosis has been associated with sports for a long time now. Many popular athletes and other sportsperson have enhanced their performances with the help of hypnosis. Hypnosis works for enhancing sports performance is because it stimulates the unconscious mind which is the driving force between most of our beliefs and behaviors. The changes made to the unconscious mind are highly effective in sports. Hypnosis for sports performance helps the sportspeople in many ways such as helps them to overcome self-doubt, enhance their skills, overcome performance anxiety, polish up a technique, and boost their confidence level. Hypnosis also helps them in acquiring extreme focus needed to perform their best.

Sports Hypnosis at Kuiper Hypnosis

I’m Gregory Kuiper, an NGH certified hypnotherapist, at Kuiper Hypnosis we understand the significance of mental strength in sports performance. I believe hypnosis is not about improving the mechanics of the performances but, rather to help the sportsperson relax, focus and concentrate so that they can achieve their extreme potential.

First of all, I talk to my sports client about their fears, pressures and other aspects that are affecting their mind prior to their performances. After a detailed analysis of every aspect I design specific hypnosis sessions for them.

During a session for sports hypnosis I try to make the client aware of the influences of their unconscious mind over their behavior, beliefs and performances. Then I try to relax their conscious mind completely so as to activate the most powerful part of the brain i.e. the unconscious mind which has the capability of accepting suggestions readily.

Sports Hypnosis in Practice also helps in recovering from the injuries that include pain management. I try to help my clients by making them learn to dissociate from pain which further helps them in coping with it effectively and perform in spite of it. Are you an athlete and want to improve your performance by empowering your mental abilities through hypnosis in Montreal? Contact me at (514) 500-0345 or email me at You can also make an appointment and visit Kuiper Hypnosis.

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