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Can Hypnosis Cure Phobias?

Fortunately, hypnotherapy can cure phobias and help you lead a much more fulfilling lifestyle. It’s important to ensure that your hypnotherapist has the experience to handle phobias specifically. Please check out this post and know how hypnosis works to cure phobias:

Differentiate between fear and phobia

Fear is not just natural in specific situations; it’s valuable as well. Its just part of your flight, fight or freeze response and it’s something that prompts you to avoid or overcome dangerous situations. In contrast, phobias are generally learned responses to objects and events that aren’t threatening. In this sense, phobias are exaggerated and irrational types of fears.

When you think about phobias, you should ask yourself why it affects your lifestyle. Whether it’s a fear or phobia, it prevents you from achieving or enjoying specific things. You should ask how much it affects your quality of life – this is the right test of whether to do something about it.

Is it normal to feel like having phobias?

The best practicing hypnotherapists make a rule never to use the word “normal”. Instead, they’d say that phobias are very typical behaviors and ways of thinking. As per the research on the responses to specific stimuli, phobias are unwanted byproducts of how your brain works and learns. In this sense, phobias are considered as normal and the part of the normal working of your brain.

Why can’t you stop it on your own?

Some people remain disappointed with themselves; because they can’t use their own intellect to get rid of their phobia. In fact, it’s another byproduct of how your brain works. All of your sensory inputs to the brain travel quickly through the limbic system where you connect emotional responses to them.

When you start using your frontal lobes to think rationally about this situation, these emotions are present already. If you keep in mind that phobias are emotional reactions, you can see that they should be resolved emotionally rather than through reasoning.

Does the phobia stop the hypnotherapy from working?

It’s not that important for you to know why or when your phobia started or got worse. There are specific techniques that don’t need you to look back at all. Instead, they pay attention to how you are now and how you want to be in the future.

All you need is to hire a hypnotherapist for phobias and they will answer all your questions and allow you know what you can expect during this session. There are three techniques used to deal with phobias that include: regression, exposure and rewind.


Rewind is a popular NLP technique. It includes the person imagining themselves sitting in a projection room of a movie, looking at themselves simultaneously sitting in the front row. The film starts to be shown, rewind and re-shown at different forms and different speeds like cartoons or black and white films.

Once you feel comfortable, you move to the front row, where the shows get repeated. When you feel ready, you step into the film and relive the event. Your time with all of its emotional connections will get erased. As a result, the phobia collapses, giving a name – fast phobia release.


Regression allows you take back in time to when your phobia was triggered. The main objective of this approach is to allow you to experience this event or circumstance again safely. This may include imagining your older self accompanying your younger shelf while experiencing the event again.

Even if you can’t remember a certain event, the therapist has the ability to take you back to the time when you remember the feeling of the phobia. He or she can ask your subconscious to search for and reveal the triggering event.

Sometimes, people ask to find out the triggering event; because they believe that alone will cure their phobia. It’s the case when the insight into the cause doesn’t result in any improvement of your well-being.


Exposure includes showing someone how to achieve a better sense of positive mood at will. Normally, it is based on your memory or fantasy or a situation when you feel whatever you want to feel instead of phobic.

This may be strong, calm, relaxed, confident or many other states. More often, hypnotists teach people very simple techniques to invoke this state utilizing an anchor – a gesture or word of their choice.

You can learn how to dissipate the apprehension and feel how you want to using an anchor. In this way, you can learn to expect to feel fine and behave perfectly instead of phobically.

Bottom Line

If you want to know whether hypnosis works for phobias, please contact Kuiper Hypnosis today and let us help you out. For more information, please visit our website at

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