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Uncovering the Mystery of Hypnosis

There’s a shroud of mystery regarding what exactly hypnosis is and what it does. Is it possible to make you a non-smoker, or free you from anxiety, phobias or pain just by accessing your mind? The answer is yes. There’s no magic involved but it is a collaborative process, you need to want to change your behavior, it can't be imposed on you.

If you don’t really want to quit smoking but your family wants you to stop so you engage a hypnotherapist, it’s probably not going to work. When you consider this therapy, it can work wonders. During hypnotherapy session, you’ll be guided into a relaxed state. This is a state of relaxed focus and it makes you more likely to absorb the suggestions the therapist makes to your unconscious.

The hypnosis suggestions are built based on the outcome you seek for and after an extensive discussion with the therapist. Your discussion covers your goals in the hypnotherapy session; how do you want to feel and what changes do you want to experience in your life?

Once your therapist understands all your needs, they will start working toward this goal. They build suggestions as per the guided methodology. Hypnotherapy often needs only a single session, but in some cases will require multiple sessions to be completely effective.

Hypnotherapy is all about opening you mind to access your inner resources and aligning your unconscious mind with your prospective goals. You are governed by your unconscious in every aspect of your life so when you bypass your conscious mind and speak directly to the unconscious it can be very strong.

You may not be aware of the patterns or beliefs that block you from moving toward your goals. It may be due to anxiety that you have a multitude of syndromes. Your hypnotherapist may work on relaxing your entire nervous system and breaking the pattern and the tendency to hold the tension as well as anxiety in this area.

Your hypnotist will give you tools and allow you take a look at your lifestyle and know how you can best help make your changes. Do you want to change your diet, exercise or routine to move toward your goals? If you have anxiety attacks, you can learn to work with your body to learn how to relax. A holistic approach is invaluable in bringing you to wellness.

Phobias, smoking, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic pains are the important areas hypnotherapy is well-known for obtaining better results than other therapies. However, you will find hypnosis particularly useful for dealing with stress, anxiety, confidence and performance related anxiety. You can retrain the unconscious to get different beliefs and habits.

Bottom Line

Hypnotherapists utilize different physical and mental relaxation techniques to guide you into a hypnotic state. In this state, you are still conscious and very much aware. Your body becomes more relaxed and the mind will be more responsive to suggestions from the therapist. If you want to know more about the mysteries of hypnosis, please visit our website at

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