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Hypnosis during COVID19

The recent SARS COV2 (COVID19) pandemic has upended a lot of businesses and caused many owners to rethink how they go about doing business in this new environment. We have been fortunate during the lock-down because we could continue helping our clients with online sessions (Skype, Zoom) and can now offer in-person sessions with the aid of protective face masks. It may come as a surprise that hypnosis is equally effective whether it's done online or in person (even while wearing a mask).

There can be some logistical challenges when having an online session as it does rely on a client having a stable internet connection and a laptop computer (or tablet if it can be hands free). If clients wish to use a desktop computer, they must ensure they have a microphone and headset (or speaker). A comfortable chair or sofa is also suggested since a session can last for a couple of hours. The main advantages for online sessions are not needing to travel and no necessity for protective masks.

In-person sessions are still preferred by some clients (often based on the misconception that hypnosis is more effective in-person). Clients are more accepting now of the requirement to wear a protective face mask now that it's become compulsory in public spaces. The disadvantage of masked in-person sessions is the absence of facial expressions. This simply means that the hypnotist must invest a bit more time developing rapport to make the client feel at ease.

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